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Name:A Subtle Murder
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Community description:icons and graphics
about ☆
This is primarily an icon and graphics community maintained by [personal profile] ladyminya. There are icons and graphics to choose from within a diverse range of fandoms (e.g. anime, games, musicians, actors etc). There are also audio and video downloads available on this community, too!
community rules ☆
There are some basic rules here, as with any other icon/graphic making community:

★ Do not STEAL my icons. I am well aware they're not the most fantastic icons, but I still put some effort into them and would appreciate if people respected that.

★ Please be sure that when using my icons you CREDIT me in your keywords. I'd really appreciate it. You can credit either [personal profile] ladyminya or [community profile] subtlemurder.

★ Do not alter my icons in any way, shape, or form. They are NOT bases, they don't need words or brushes added to them. They are the way they are for a reason. If I find you editing my icons I will send the Mouth of Sauron after you! :P

★ NO HOTLINKING! Do not hotlink any of my icons or graphics at all! I don't want to come past your journal and find you're using a Friends Only banner which has been directly linked from my Photobucket account. Chances are I will then send the Eye of Sauron after you. Believe me, things could get pretty ugly after that. D:

★ This isn't so much a rule as a thought: comments are always nice, though not necessary.
media ☆
All media posted to this community will be done via RapidShare. My apologies if you have problems with this website. However, it's the only one which works for me. I cannot make mirrors of my uploads, but please feel free to mirror them and post the links for others in the comments of the respective post.

Also, this is not a request community. Uploads will be done at my own discretion and will more than likely reflect my interests. Please feel free to download and comment with your thoughts. I am always open to a discussion about music/fandom, and I appreciate a nice little chat every now and then. Additionally, it'd be great if you could comment and let me know if you've downloaded something. It's not a necessity, but I'd like to know for curiosity's sake.
disclaimer ☆
Please be advised that any commercial material posted on this community is for preview and sampling purposes only. The RIAA states that individuals may download copyrighted materials for a period of 24 hours. The material must thereafter be deleted. [community profile] subtlemurder does not accept responsibility for individuals who abuse this privilege. Please, support the artist. :)
affiliates ☆

credits: profile codes: [personal profile] gossymer
user info & layout graphic: [personal profile] ladyminya (photography also by me)

Resources: [profile] _promenadeicons, [profile] alaskanicons, [profile] animavuoto, [profile] arisubox, [profile] colortone, [profile] desiderio, [profile] disappearicons, [personal profile] gender, [profile] haydens__hunnie, [profile] iconistas, [profile] latexandleather, [personal profile] lipsofpoison, [profile] meleada, [profile] missymw88icons, [profile] nothingface, [profile] peoplemachines, [profile] purebloodicons, [profile] tragic_icons, [profile] ytiralc
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